SRAC offers Annual membership to anyone with a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership.

Membership Categories
*Open Member's Spouse

Spouse of a current "Open Member"

*Youth Member

Age is 18 to 20 years old prior to July 1.

*Jr. Member

Age is less than18 years old prior to July 1. AND, enrollment is with an "Open Member."

*Country Member


(No application needed)(See NOTE below)

Pay Via Club Registrar:

Give a check made out to SRAC Inc. to William Renfro or Chris Christiansen. (This may take a month to process.)

Pay Via Mail

Send a check made out to SRAC Inc. to:

   SRAC Inc,

   11107 25th ST NE

   Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Pay via PayPal (Paypal fees are included.)

Select your membership category from the pull down menu below.

Permanent residence is outside of Snohomish, King, Island, and Skagit counties.

New Members after July 1

Pro-rated fees for balance of year. 

How to Join SRAC

After you have enrolled with AMA for the coming year:

1.   Download and complete the

      SRAC Membership Form

2a. Mail application page two AND three to:

     SRAC Inc.

     11107 25th ST NE

     Lake Stevens, WA 98258.

2b. Payment: Include with the application a check made out to SRAC inc.


3a. Mail or Email page two and three to: AND

3b. Pay online using PayPal.

We will verify your current AMA membership and refer you to one of our Flight Instructors for a flight check which is required before you can fly solo at our field.


Pay via PayPal (Paypal fees are included.)

Please read the "How to Join SRAC" information.

* If joining between January & June, use the "SRAC inc. Membership" buttons ABOVE.

*Fees are prorated BELOW if you join from July through December.

Select your rate from the "New Member Pro Rated" menu pull down menu below.


Send updates regarding address/phone/email to

Current AMA registration:

We will verify current AMA membership and e-mail you a SRAC sticker for your AMA Card.