RC Flight Training


All SRAC members and their guests (with current AMA Membership) are permitted to fly at our field after certification by one of our SRAC instructors.


Flight Training is generally offered between 9:30AM until noon on Saturdays, although weekday training can be scheduled. Please contact our Flight Training Coordinator, Dave Pitkin at 425-327-9458 to discuss you training needs.


Certification levels:  Basic:   Cleared to fly the same aircraft used during the certification flight without a Flight Instructor

                                   Advanced:  Cleared to fly any aircraft within the weight limits specified for the field


Pilot Qualification Test:


With the aircraft put slightly out of trim by the instructor:

    1. Takeoff and retrim, then proceed with test when ready

    2. Perform 1 loop, exiting in the same direction as the entry

    3. Execute one figure eight

    4. Stall the aircraft and recover to level flight

    5. Complete two touch and go landings

    6. Full stop landing