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SRAC Competitive Events

In the spirit of friendly competition and to continue to build comraderie among the membership, SRAC has developed an annual series of fun competitive events

Pylon Racing

SRAC hosts both 2 and 3 pylon races on an annual schedule.






SRAC 2017 Duration
2022 SRAC Duration F5J Photo.jpg

   Duration competition consists of two events:


  - Open Class: 2 meter or less wing span and 0.061 maximum glow or

     diesel engine


  - F5J Class: Electrics, including non-modfied Radian gliders

Decathlon & Fun Fly Events

The Decathlon consists of the following events which are completed on

an individual basis and can be completed at any time during the year including at our 2 Fun Fy events. You must complete 7 of the 10 events to be included in the Decathlon competition.


  - Balloon burst

  - Longest flight

  - Bean haul

  - Bomb drop

  - Most rolls

  - Taxi

  - Timed gliding loop, roll and stall

  - Touch & goes

  - Most Loops

  - Duration ratio


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